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Importing from China

Buying machines from China can be a difficult, convoluted process for the uninitiated. Here is a rough guide to give an outline of the required tasks.

Buy the machine from China


If you haven't already, enter yourself and the importer into the ICS (Integrated Cargo System)

Freight Forwarder

When you have the container number, contact the freight forwarder and have the invoice sent for unloading etc. Pay this invoice (approx. $200/m^3)

Find out which ship/s the goods are travelling on. Track it using an online tool such as http://www.findship.co/. It will give the arrival date (t = 0 business days), plan around this to work out the other dates:


Complete an N10 (Import Declaration) at customs

Outturn report: lets you know that the item is in storage.

Pay invoice to customs (GST + duty, approx. 15% total). Confirm that customs hold has been released.


Quarantine should not be required if you have the packing certificate, as well as a document stating that the device is new and has not been tested or commisioned. Otherwise: Email quarantine to arrange inspection. Date shoud be during free storage period. They generate a service number which you will need to quote as required. Give them an address and time to inspect. The freight forwarder can be paid to attend the meeting in your stead, if required. Then print the document and show up at the warehouse with the release, and take your stuff away.