Bandsaw Switchgear



This project is to get the bandsaw up and running. It was bought a while ago on the cheap since the previous owner was unable to start it. After some poking around, it looks like the DOL starter should work fine, and the isolator switch can be either bypassed or repaired. At that point, the motor and the emergency stop can be tested.

I took a bunch of photos:

The DOL starter...
...and the inside
The nameplate on the motor
The interior of the isolator after removing the key
The rather old looking emergency stop button. This might be replaced.

So, I need to hook up a cable to the generator, wire it into the upstream side of the isolator, maybe fix the key (or maybe just create a handle for the isolator), and then test it. So, the main questions at this point are the required size for the cable, the required size for the plug, and the cost of the potential replacement key. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to go for another 20 A plug, because I know it fits, and I don't think I'll save much money on buying something else. In terms of cable sizing, I reckon that even 1 or 2 mm will be fine.

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I bought a replacement key (and a spare) for $49, and bought a 20 A plug for around $65. This is theoretically everything I need to get the machine working. I'll fit it at my next convenience.

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