Beer Brewing: Project Management

Stakeholders and Communications

Stakeholder Communication
Family Testing and commisioning


Number Description Importance
1 Brew tasty beer High
2 Brew consistently High
3 Brew cheaply Medium


The cost of beer is approximately $7/L when bought from the shop. Therefore, brewing should be done much more cheaply than this. Labour should be factored in at $20/h, not including the setup labour which will be written off as education.


Parts and materials will be sourced from the most convenient locations.


The beer's quality is of high importance, as is the consistentcy of the brewing. The effort must be justified, not only in the cost savings, but also in the pleasure of the drinking.


The enviroment will be considered so far as waste and consumption are concerned.


(possible control measures: reduce, avoid, accept, transfer)

Event Outcome Risk Controls Risk
Creative differences within family Beer is never completed Medium Reduce: collaborate and compromise Low
Poorly defined scope Project is incorrectly completed Medium Avoid: confirm objectives with stakeholders Low
Low team motivation Project is never completed Medium Avoid: drink beer Low
Unscalable design Complex or costly setup for larger quantities of beer Medium Reduce: design with scale in mind Low
Poor quality design Low relaiblity, poor performance Medium Reduce: iterate design, keep design simple Low
Users reject the product No financial viability for project Medium Reduce: iterate beer flavour Low


By keeping the family interested, and developing my own skills, there should be no need to expressly manage human resources.


There is no rush to complete this project, and the timescale required to brew beer is very long. The desire to brew beer will be neatly balanced by the necessary time for fermentation.