Local Positioning System: Project Management

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Number Description Importance
1 Device can position the user with an accuracy of less than 0.5 m (to the nearest tree) over the cultivated sections of the farm High
2 Device is weatherproof High
3 Device has high reliability High
4 Device has at least 8 hours of battery life Medium


The value of the fertiliser being placed on the farm is in the order of $10 000 AUD, and therefore a total system cost of around $1000 AUD is appropriate, although up to $3000 might be fine.


The parts will be sourced as required in order to keep lead times reasonable.


The system will need to be rugged and reliable, as well as accurate. To achieve this, extra care will need to go into design and manufacture. It may be appropriate to have devices manufactured externally to maintain quality control.


If possible, already owned materials will be used. Waste will disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way.


I am the only resource involved in this project. I only have to make sure that I have the required skills, and that I delegate when appropriate.


The completion date for this project has been defined as 2018-07-01.