Project Management


This project is to pass the GENG5507 Risk and Reliability unit at UWA. It is the last unit left in the second semester of 2016. Failure would be very inconvenient at this point. My current mark is around 40-45%. The unit is still passable, but will require some effort. In terms of study material:

There are 18 days left until the exam. The big problem here seems to be the lectures: are they worth studying? A classmate seems to suggest that a lot of the content can be learned from the lecture slides alone, especially for the statistics component. They also mention that a lot of material can be found in the textbook, rather than sifting through slides.

Next actions:


As I discovered while on holiday in a great hostel in Ha Giang, Vietnam, I passed this unit with a mark of 50%.

Lessons Learned

I am slightly worried that I was only just able to pass a unit that I consider to be very important in the professional sphere. I would do well to try to revise this material as I work, and do my best to apply the material to various projects in my life. However, without knowing the material that well, this could be challenging. Having said that, the project objective was achieved exactly. This is an acceptable outcome.