Watch: Project Management

Stakeholders and Communications

Stakeholder Communication
Designer: Ashwin Weekly
External consultant: Tom Weekly


Number Description Importance
1 Battery life of at least a month High
2 Programmable through microUSB connector High
3 Aesthetically pleasing Medium
4 Contains rechargeable battery Medium
5 Intuitive UI High
6 Has buzzer and/or beeper Low
7 Aesthetically pleasing Medium


This should be done for around $50 or less.


Most of the parts will be bought from online vendors like eBay and RS Components.


The watch will be of a high quality in order to be easily worn as a regular watch, without having to make any special provisions i.e. taking it off for certain activities etc.


Rechargeable batteries would add a small amount of circuitry, and drastically reduce the long term environmental impact. Perhaps the case could be made from natural wood, to give it a more environmentally friendly look.


(possible control measures: reduce, avoid, accept, transfer)

Event Outcome Risk Controls Risk
Scope badly defined Project becomes too simple or too complicated Medium Reduce: confirm requirements with other stakeholders before getting to deeply Low
Stakeholders conflict Risk of damaging friendship Low Accept: we're both reasonable people and will accept compromise Low
Stakeholders become disengaged Less involvement from stakeholders Medium Reduce: make weekly reports to keep stakeholders involved Low
Resource shortfalls Project is not completed on time High Reduce: make weekly progress Medium
Resource inexperience Project is not completed satisfactorialy, or at all High Transfer: external consultant to check over work Low
Design is infeasible Project is not completed Low Accept: project is almost certainly feasible: someone has aleady produced somthing similar Low
Battery charger poorly designed Battery explodes High Reduce: design and test safe battery charging circuit Low
Poor quality soldering Product doesn't work Medium Reduce: solder with help of external consultant Low
Decision delays impact project Project isn't completed on time Medium Reduce: identify key decisions and make them quickly Low
Vendors not able to supply quicky, cheaply and reliably Prototype or final product can't be reliably produced Low Accept Low


There is a little HR to do with the stakeholders, but it should all be easily managed by effective communications.


Weekly progress will be important for the success of this project. I will have a working (wearable) prototype completed by July 1st.